Award Update

Following the publication of the draft recommendations, the Commission called for comments, relating to the implementation of its preliminary decision to increase minimum wages for all classifications.

As there was not full agreement between all parties, the Commission facilitated a conciliation conference on the 3rd of November, which REEFWA attended.

The Fair Work Commission will publish its final decision in the next 2 weeks.

At the conference, the REEFs’ proposition to introduce broad banding classifications was met positively. Broad banding means, that regardless of whether the employee works in property management or sales, equivalent positions are classified in the same level.

As a part of the broad banding concept, the relativities between each of the levels were also agreed.

REEFWA still has concerns with increasing the Minimum Income Threshold for qualification for sales representatives to be employed as commission only from 110% to 125%. Action regarding this will be reviewed following the decision being published.

REEFWA were also successful in having the implementation of the wage increases delayed until 2nd April 2018.

As previously mentioned, once the final award is released REEFWA will be holding a number of training courses for members about how to implement the new award into your business.

The first one is planned for Wednesday 13 December 2017 – Details to come next week!

Should you have any questions regarding the above please feel free to contact

Peter Kuhne – REEFWA President – 08 9375 8822
Michael McGowan – REEFWA Executive Officer – 08 9365 7525

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