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Covid 19

CCIWA has created a free comprehensive COVID-19 website that includes online resources, advice on areas such as managing economic impacts, managing employees, business continuity, working from home, communicating with staff, and a range of templates and information booklets you can download. It is updated regularly with the latest information that has been released.

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New IR Laws in WA

By Justin Lilleyman

Key changes to WA’s industrial relations laws took effect on 20 Jun 2022, with the amendments covering a range of employment provisions including leave, contracts, harassment, and right of entry rules.

Upcoming Changes to Long Service Leave Entitlement in WA

By Justin Lillyman

On 16 December 2021, the Industrial Relations Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 (IRLA Act) was passed by the State WA Parliament.

These laws are expected to become law sometime between April – June 2022.

National Minimum Wage and Modern Award Rate – 1 July 2022

By Justin Lilleyman

Following their annual review, the Fair Work Commission (the “FWC”) has made a number of changes, including changes to the national minimum wage, modern award rate and high income threshold that took effect as of 1 July 2022.

Covid-19 Vaccines – The Removal of Mandates

From Friday 10 June 2022, changes were made to existing COVID-19 mandatory workplace vaccination requirements. From this date, the vaccine mandates only apply to workforces working with the most vulnerable to protect them from severe disease, including:

  • Healthcare and health support workers in hospitals and primary health care settings;
  • Workers in residential aged care facilities; and
  • Disability support accommodation workers.

Flexable Working Arangements

A flexible working arrangement is an agreement between an employer and an employee to change the standard working arrangement to better fit an employee’s circumstances outside of work. These can include aspects such as flexibility in the hours of work, location of work and so on.

Managing the Flu Season

By Paris Lynch – Employee Relations Advisor

As the flu season approaches, employers should be aware of the relevant statutory entitlements available to employees who are sick and how to manage these effectively.

Latest news

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