Clearly articulated workplace policies can assist employers establish expectations of how employees are to behave or deal with particular situations.

In order to be relevant the employer needs to communicate the policy to employees and regularly educate them regarding its provisions.  A simple way of achieving this is to:

  • provide all existing and new employees with a copy of the relevant policy;
  • have the policies available in a conspicuous place (eg notice board, intranet, etc);
  • when implementing a new policy educate employees on why it is important and what you expect of the employees;
  • at regular intervals remind employees of the policy and your expectations. Sales and other staff meetings provide a good opportunity to do this;
  • If policies are updated, provide employees with new copies and explain the changes.

Policies which aren’t properly communicated can’t be relied upon when disciplining or terminating an employee.

To be effective, employee’s need to be monitored to ensure that they are complying with the policy requirements.  Where employees fail to comply with the requirements employees must be treat fairly and consistently. 

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